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Hank title

Hank will show you how NOT to take care of your gutter system!

Hank 1

This is Hank.

Hank decided it was a good idea to go with a gutter company other than Next Level Seamless.

Now he has all sorts of water problems and no idea what’s going on.

don’t be like Hank.

Well Hank is back at it…

He thought it was a good idea to do some DIY downspout repair without the proper tools.

 Now he has more problems than just a downspout.

don’t be like Hank.

Hank 2
Hank Job

We let Hank help with a job post.

Turns out he’s not good with a hammer or a level.

don’t be like Hank.

Look who it is!
Hank thought he was saving money by not getting gutters on his home.

The rain found its way into his basement…

Luckly he still had his pizza floaty so he could still do laundry.

As much fun as that looks.

Don’t be like Hank.

Hank floating